Robbie Allen

Not sure if you’ve heard, but artificial intelligence is kind of a big thing. There is an endless stream of prognosticators (like this guy) droning on about how AI and machine learning is going to revolutionize every industry and all the jobs are going away.

If you are an entrepreneur trying to raise money, you’ll benefit from riding this wave while it lasts. My friends in venture capital tell me that at least 75% of pitches they see nowadays include something about AI. More than 75% of the startups I talk to are worried that they aren’t using AI enough.

That means there is a gap. You need to be able to sound like you know what you are talking about without knowing much about AI. No worries, this article is here to help. I’ll present several things you can say during a pitch meeting that will convince a VC that you put the AI in fundrAIse.