Geoffrey Bourne

Building something users want is hard — damn hard. They are a fickle bunch and make it so difficult by not clearly articulating exactly what they want. They make us guess, and when we give them something we know they need, they don’t want it. Don’t they know what’s good for them? Why won’t they listen? Grrrr. So frustrating!

The problem is, we’ve told users what they want instead of figuring out what users want. We’re frustrated because what we decided was wrong. Who likes to be told they’re wrong? So how do we deduce what users want and achieve the product market fit we’ve been searching for?

The Lean Startup way starts with a hypothesis (hopefully based on research, experience, or divine inspiration). Then you build a minimal viable product, measure the results, and adjust the product or hypothesis. In other words, we need to figure out, in the quickest way possible and over many iterations, what the users really do want.

There are many great articles and books about finding product market fit. They often don’t discuss falling into the trap of thinking you are on the path the success, but actually being on the road to failure. The best way to tell if you’re building something no one wants is by looking out for these eight traps.