Welcome to the Lenet tutorial using TensorFlow. From being a long time user of Theano, migrating to TensorFlow is not that easy. Recently, tensorflow is showing strong performance leading to many defecting from theano to tensorflow. I am one such defector. This repository contains an implementation Lenet, the hello world of deep CNNs and is my first exploratory experimentation with TensorFlow. It is a typical Lenet-5 network trained to classify MNIST dataset. This is a simple implementation similar to that, which can be found in the tutorial that comes with TensorFlow and most other public service tutorials. This is however modularized, so that it is easy to understand and reuse. This documentation website that comes along with this repository might help users migrating from theano to tensorflow, just as I did while implementing this repository. In this regard, whenever possible, I make explicit comparisons to help along. Tensorflow has many contrib packages that are a level of abstraction higher than theano. I have avoided using those whenever possible and stuck with the fundamental tensorflow modules for this tutorial.