James Dietle

There is a dark room in my house that has no windows, is 5 degrees warmer, is a large part of my electrical bill, and has a high pitched whirring. My computer lab attests to my addiction for overclocking computer components. While it started as a testament to cryptocurrencies, this time my GPUs have been overworked trying to finish the last few epochs of my models for the Kaggle Web Traffic Time Series forecasting.

Kaggle is a free online platform that allows users to learn how data science works and compete to win different recognition and prizes. I used this platform as a way to test what I have been learning for the past several months. I landed on the Web Traffic competition that was due to end in a couple of weeks. At one point, a thousand teams were trying to estimate Wikipedia’s page views from Sept until Nov in an attempt to win a $25K prize. It was tough and unfortunately, and while I learned lots, here are some of the major mistakes I ran into along the way.